Supreme's brick and mortar shops are usually hectic on Thursdays, filled with droves ready to cop the latest gear to add to their collections. But as you’ve probably noticed in street style photos in the past, it's not entirely just dudes in line. "Fashionista" dropped by the Supreme store in SoHo during the 20th Anniversary T-shirt drop last week to see what its like, and to interview the ladies who were standing in line.

One was a 21-year old sneaker collector who works at Philly’s Ubiq shop. She's not a big Supreme fan herself, but she made that two hour-plus trek—assuming she’s coming from Philadelphia—to purchase the 20th anniversary tees for her friends. Another was Yuqi, a college student from China who was doing her first live Supreme in-person drop to cop the Box Logo tee. "If there is any one—any size, any color left—I would buy it," she told Fashionista

The youngest interviewee was a 15-year-old girl named Michelle. She said he doesn’t care for it, and would not come back again, but that she was just trying to make her boyfriend happy by getting him as much Supreme as humanly possible. That and she skipped school to be there. Maybe she just doesn’t know it yet, but will soon realize why this experience will make her never date a hypebeast again.

[via Fashionista]