nonnative is a cool brand because it lets me start a sentence without a capital letter. CALL ME E.E. CUMMINGS. Or not, but you should definitely investigate this "Driver shirt" because it has a rare hemline and lacks a collar. I wish there were more euphemisms for collarless shirts like there were for convertibles: "titties out," "topless," etc. I've been sitting here in front of my computer for, like, 4 to 7 minutes and I still can't even think of just one for collarless shirts. You may scoff at the zipper detail on the chest pocket, but one time I had my phone in my chest pocket and this pretty girl dropped her purse so I bent over to pick it up for her and my phone slipped out of the pocked and fell on the floor, chipping the corner. She was all, "Aw, my bag's totally not worth a new phone" and did that thing where girls touch your elbow and it makes you think that they want to rob banks and escape to Columbia with you, but really they're just touching your elbow. Of course I had to pretend that my fucked up phone wasn't no big thang. BUT IT WAS A BIG THANG.