French artist FUZI-UVTPK's tattoos are so sought after that on the day we visited him in New York, he was booked to tattoo for more than eight hours straight. People had flown in from across the country just to go under the legend's needle. And the funny thing is, FUZI has no training. He just taught himself.

Known for his self-taught aesthetic, which he calls "Ignorant Style," FUZI has developed an international reputation. His star-studded list of clients includes Os Gemeos, Diplo, Justice, Kavinsky, and Scarlett Johansson. But FUZI was not always known for his works on skin. The artist grew up decorating the streets of France in Ignorant Style with his crew UVTPK. Tales from his graffiti writing days are full of violence and destruction just for the hell of it. Although FUZI has left his riotous past behind, he still maintains a rebellious attitude, giving people tattoos in off-limits subway tunnels and other unconventional spaces.

We got a chance to speak to FUZI at Muddguts Gallery in Brooklyn, where he was opening a show of graphics on paper and giving tattoos to his many fans. In the video above, FUZI talks about his art and how he rose to international fame.

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