Dudes, you need some futuristic basics with panel inserts and moisture wicking technologies. This Arc’teryx Veilance composite shirt is stealthy as fuck and will make you look like someone from the future. Wear this on your way to the coffee shop and it'll look like you live in a society in 3035 that has had to relocate underwater because of how fucked up the planet's environment is. But then you'll realize that actually the planet is okay and the new Atlantis is just a way for the government to control the people through fear and propaganda. For real though, how come that's the parable for every sci-fi movie ever that takes place in a dystopian future? WE HAVE A HOLOGRAM TUPAC THAT CAN PERFORM LIVE, BUT WE CAN'T COME UP WITH ANYTHING OTHER THAN PLATO'S FUCKING CAVE FOR STORYLINES?