Hey guys, remember when cargo pants were totes the supa dupa fly #menswear pants maneuver? Like, if you didn't have a pair of slim cargos you were pretty much persona non grata at Capsule. Everyone wanted the Cucinelli jams, but no one could really afford them. Woolf probably doesn't remember that because he was probably still in high school, but trust me, everyone was wearing cargo pants with, like, their dub monks and shit. Anyways, cargo pants are still cool even if all the WIWTs you popped back in the day aren't. I love cargo pants because I carry a lot of crap with me on any given day. I got my smartphone, my wallet, my burner, some Newports, a lighter, a second burner just in case because you never know—just regular, ol' boring EDC shit. If someone gave me $275 plus shipping right now this very second, I would totally robocop these Orslow 6-pocket cargos in a heartbeat.