Ripstop cotton is low key the fucking best fabric in the world. I luh dis shit. The pattern is just so dope and subtle enough that I have an entire arsenal on deck: jackets in ripstop, pants in ripstop, shirts in ripstop. Quite frankly, it's a little ridiculous. Shit, if I were a little cooler, I would probably have a flightsuit made out of ripstop. Instead, I'm gonna settle on a ripstop Baracuta G9. G9's are actually pretty relevant right now because their length is perfect for letting that tunic you bought from Madewell, while your girl perused the matchstick jean selection, flow fun and fancy free. Personally, I'm all about wearing this with a too tall tee and a really nice chain. Like, I've seen all you strug Hirokis and $id Mashburns out here with squash blossom necklaces and ethnic beads, but #menswear still hasn't co-opted the gold chain? The fuck? We stole sneakers and Snow Beach, why not gold chains too? Ride with me on this one, players.