I love a good trolling. If you can trick people, especially on someplace as savvy as the Internet, to believe in something that isn't true, I can't even be mad at you. Keep them believing for an extended period of time and I prostrate at your feet. The angrier people get, the better. Trolling is an art form because it's the ingenuous act of gaining a certain amount of trust in which you know should not be there. And you can only gain this kind of trust if you are thoroughly convincing. The inflection in your speech. The appeal you purvey like water in a desert. Sometimes, it's just perception of clout. Whatever the case may be, you have people hanging on to each and ever word until you give them the golden shower of shame they so rightfully deserve.

Fashion trolling is a beast in and of itself. These trolls can span from designers to style icons to brands themselves because us fashion enthusiasts eat shit up so quick we don't have time to sit back and reflect on whether or not we're being bamboozled in the first place. And that is why these trolls listed before you are doing so well in both the fashion world and, ultimately, life itself. Like, way better than us. Because us derelicts want it hard and fast with hopes to produce many ropes of stylish success.