Beginning May 7, New York’s Garis & Hahn will be hosting “DREAMLAND,” a group exhibition featuring Sam Austen, Stefania Batoeva, Nigel Dunkley, Sophie Lee, Alex Rathbone, Guy Rusha, John Tiney, and Lachlan Thom.

This diverse group of artists work in different media, but all are united in their connection to Britain (some born and bred, some transplanted) and in the carnival-esque content of their work. The show’s title, “DREAMLAND,” is a nod to a derelict English theme park on the outskirts of Margate. The namesake reflects what the artists hope their work inspires in exhibition-goers: surreal fantasy, eccentricity, and the complexities of the imagination. Viewers should expect a lively and thrilling show that taps into both the conscious and the unconscious.

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