Parkour athletes are some of the most hard core out there. It takes incredible strength, balance, and fearlessness to pull off insane gymnastic stunts with nothing below you but concrete. While many view these athletes as out-of-control daredevils, in fact the opposite is true.

“The idea…behind parkour is that it’s not about going beyond your limit and taking a risk. It’s more about knowing exactly what you’re able to do,” says Paris-based photographer Dimitri Daniloff.

Daniloff became intrigued by the parkour movement through the incredible discipline, power, and control he found in parkour athletes. To help him capture the exhilarating athleticism of the sport on camera, the artist enlisted the help of Kundai Kenji Murapa, director of Sabotage Elite parkour. In the resulting portraits, you can witness Murapa jumping off buildings, doing flips and spins down a set of stairs, and suspended in the air above fountains and busy streets.

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[via Designboom]