This "Save the Date" video has been making the rounds and I'll admit, it is fucking ridiculous. Although, everyone making Kanye and Kim comparisons is probably just a racist. This looks way more like an Akon video. I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if Akon made a video that had a small club interlude with a Kanye and Jay Z song playing. But how "baller" are you really if you use the edited version of the song? RADIO EDITS ARE FOR BROKE BITCHES, BAMBO AND JANICE. Look, I'm all for power couples stunting on these hoes, but a real power couple is like Cam and JuJu. You two, on the other hand, are just lawyers from San Francisco. The best part is that they rated their wedding PG-13. LOLZ. Here's to a happy marriage for Bambo and Janice, as well as them hopefully playing the explicit version of Watch the Throne in its entirety at the reception.