Introducing Rent-A-Gent, a new service where girls can rent guys to do, um, stuff. No, not butt stuff. OK, maybe butt stuff if they paid for that, but this is more like a "rent a dude to put together a shelving unit" type of thing. A lot of women are also "renting gents" for bachelorette parties, but under the guise of these men not exactly being strippers, but "gentleman companions." I don't know, isn't this a little sad? I think women deserve to be loved and need companionship just like men do, but like 'Ye said, "I learned the strip club ain't the place to get love." Like, what has to be going through each party's head in this scenario? The girl has to be all, "He's super nice and handsome and seems genuine, but, on other the hand, he wouldn't be here unless I paid him $200 an hour." And the guy has to be thinking, "Yo, this girl seems normal enough, so why the hell is she paying me when she can literally go to any bar in America and find a guy willing to talk to her within 60 seconds?" Also, the mere fact that almost all of the men for rent are objectively handsome here (aside from this epic scrub "Josh. The Fixer.") says that these women aren't really looking for any type of companionship or assistance, but simply a piece of eye candy to gawk at and maybe bone. Also, all of these dudes are, like, handymen or athletes, so this shit is more like Rent-A-Bro if we're being honest. I'M SICK AND TIRED OF BEING OBJECTIFIED BECAUSE OF MY DOPE HAIRLINE AND HAZEL BLUE EYES. This is just weirdness all around, but hey, whatever works, ladies