Playing off a seemingly ubiquitous label, Chinese graffiti artists Xeme and Sinic will open their debut show "Made in China" at 1AM Gallery next Friday. For their first exhibition at the San Francisco gallery, the two Hong Kong-based artists will present works that question what it means to be original, a quality that's often hard to find in a country like China where ideas and designs are often imitated and reproduced.

Both Xeme and Sinic are badasses, to be sure. Through works done on paper, canvas, and posters, Xeme and Sinic present juxtapositions of one-of-kind-works with their imitation versions, exploring the line between authenticity and fabrication. They transform traditional calligraphy and now iconic representations of figures like Mao Zedong and other pop culture imagery into their own works of art.

"Made in China" opens April 18 and will be on view until May 17, so don't miss out on this month-long exhibition of two big name artists. 

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