In Mass Appeal's latest cover story, renowned journalist Sacha Jenkins spoke to Cam'ron about Killa Cape Season, specifically how it started and what he'll do if other people start rocking the look. Of course, Cam graced the front page with his custom, v. dope Diplomats plaid cape in hand. 

When asked about how Killa Cape Season started and eventually turned into a business, the rapper said he "didn't do it to prove a point or for anybody to start wearing it." Instead, he wears capes so he doesn't "have to be lookin' like everybody," adding that the same applies to when he rocked pink. "I just did it cause I didn't want to go to the club and look like nobody and I knew nobody was going to question me about it, if they did, they didn't do it to my face." 

So what happens when everyone does catch on and starts rocking capes? "I stopped wearing pink when everyone started wearing pink," he told Mass Appeal. "If I’m benefiting, then yeah. After that, the only thing that became a possibility -— but we didn’t follow through on — is they were thinking about doing a Cam’ron pink with Crayola."

Read the entire interview here

[via Mass Appeal]