Albam makes these moleskin work jackets. I feel like nowadays dudes are super reticent to embrace things that were birthed back in the workwear era. (Say that last part just like GZA when he said, "Slayed MCs back in the rec room era.") But that's dumb as fuck because workwear jawnz are always in pretty complimentary colorways and lend themselves to layering and weird pocket layouts and long tails and shit. It's true. Just like tunics look dope underneath those old ratty soft shoulder DBs that you bought 2 years ago on Yoox, these work jackets can be worn with the top two buttons buttoned and a Hanes tall tee underneath. Rare pens and pencils in the pockets are up to you. Baggy Dickies pegged at your ankles should be something you're thinking about. Instead of Red Wings, wear AF1 mids just to annoy Woolf.