The City That Never Sleeps is certainly a loud one, but the cacophony of screeching brakes, horn honking, and buzzing conversation needn’t be thought of as an annoyance, an inevitable downside to living in New York. Brooklyn-based artist Audra Wolowiec thinks this background noise isn’t something to be tuned out, but something to appreciate.

In her new project, Wolowiec encourages New Yorkers to think of the sounds of their great city as music, inscribing the phrase “The music of the city is free” across hundreds of white posters in 19 different languages.

“Instead of thinking about traffic or the subway or people talking loudly as noise, why not think of it as music? It’s a concept that experimental musician John Cage talked a lot about, and something I think about often,” the artist said.

Wolowiec's prints are currently on display at BRIC House as part of BRIC’s “Art Into Music” exhibition, which features paintings, film, sculptures, and other media made by more than a dozen artists. The exhibition is free and open through April 27.

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[via TimeOut]