If you're not yet following This Is Not A Tie on Tumblr and Instagram, take a quick second to go fix that mistake and enjoy what you've been missing. François Guillaume isn't a photographer or fashion blogger by trade, but one day in 2013, in the midst of Paris Fashion Week, Guillaume began snapping away with an analog camera and instantly realized how much fun it is. 

Guillaume's photography doesn't look like most street style out there. In contrast to the bright, colorful photographs that dominate the web when the fashion set arrives in Paris, Milan, Florence, London, and NYC, This Is Not A Tie's eye makes strong use of light and shadow to create a more haunting landscape that doesn't detract from the amazing style of his subjects. As the trees blossom over the Seine, café windows open up, and his hometown comes to life after a long, damp winter, Guillaume provided us with a glimpse of April in Paris: A Look at How the Stylish Men of the City of Lights Are Embracing Spring.

François Guillaume is a French book publisher. When he's not roaming the parisian streets after work with his analog camera, he's traveling with his wife and fellow photographer. You can see his streetstyle shots on his Tumblr, thisisnotatie