So, I don't know how to break this to you, but apparently there's a new documentary coming out called American Blogger, which chronicles one filmmaker's drive across America to, um, meet bloggers and talk about blogging aka bang all these chicks, right? First of all, why does this fuccboi need a vintage Airstream to make this film? I was watching this shit and honestly praying it was going to turn out to be some genius parody, given the hilarious voice over narration, but the film's website makes it seem dangerously real. It's also worth noting that every blogger he interviews is a basic bitch who blogs about basic bitch shit like D.I.Y. or personal style or cupcakes. The whole point of this movie is supposed to be how blogging is changing the world and community building and free speech or something? By learning how to dip-dye and draw faces on snowman cookies we're gonna build a better future? Really? 'Murican Blooger comes out in June if you want to pencil in a good chuckle later this spring.