Everyone knows that real estate, whether residential or commercial, is not cheap in New York City. One art gallery founder thought of a way to open a small gallery in a very unlikely place for very little cash, though don't expect to stumble into this gallery on an afternoon stroll.

Raphael Cohen opened Juicys Gallery inside of a storage container at Manhattan Mini Storage on Second Avenue this week. The space is approximately 35 square feet and Cohen only pays around $30 a month, which is nothing compared to the rent for a decent-sized art gallery in some New York neighborhoods. "I didn't bother looking at Brooklyn storefront spaces. I just knew it would be too expensive," Cohen told VICE at the inaugural show on Wednesday.

The gallery is currently showing a solo exhibition by Brooklyn-based artist Lily Wong called "A Taste of Spring," and as you can imagine, it's a very cozy exhibition (viewing is by appointment only.) The lights in the storage facility are on a timer, but the gallery has its own lighting system, which comes in handy since there are no windows. 

For more information about this bizarre but genius new gallery, head to the Juicys Gallery website.

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[via VICE]