This jacket from Carhartt WIP is fantastic. Technically, I guess it's more of a "technical shell," but, then again, technically, you're a shell of the person you used to be before you started being a full-blown clothing addict and we still refer to you as a human. Regardless, I can't really blame you 'cause I'm right there with you. Buying clothes—er, buying in general—just feels good, man. But at least before, you could wear the same sneakers two days in a row and not need a Xan bar. Think about all the brunches you're going attend this April when it's raining. This jacket would be perfect for that. How can anyone even argue with that airtight logic? How do people expect you to wear the rain coat you bought last year, or the twill Mac you copped the year before that? Those things feel old and your style, like you as a person, has "evolved," ya know? Will anyone ever understand us?