Knickerbocker Manufacturing Company makes this band collar popover out of a cotton/linen yarn-dyed twill. I really like the pen pocket detail despite the fact that I would never put a pen in there because I'd be afraid that shit would leak and I'd look like I was lactating. Granted, I can't use pencils either because I'm left-handed and I just get graphite smeared all over fucking my hand. Being left-handed is hella rough, bros. There were only ever, like, two pairs of left-handed safety scissors in class. So, instead of pens or pencils, I suggest putting cigarettes in the pen pockets of your workwear-inspired shirts. Although you'll have to get Virginia Slims so that they're long enough to reach the top of the pocket and won't get stuck. If you're a real #influencer this won't be a problem because you should be able to convince all your friends that Virginia Slims are the new Newports. But just know that I do not support that conclusion.