At this point, anyone who doesn't know the Carters/Carter-Knowles' stunt game is on a level not of this plane of existence. Fuck music royalty; With Blue Ivy in tow, these three walk the streets of whatever city/country/continent their hearts desire like they're the fucking First Family. With their combined net worth, Jay Z and Beyoncé are basically billionaires, and that wealth shows in every aspect of their lives.

But when the numbers of their expenses and lavish purchases are broken down all together, the effect is damn near dizzying. The latest episode of VH1's Fabulous Life is dedicated to the "Drunk in Love" couple's lifestyle and the consensus is, in the day-to-day of Jay and Bey MMMMs are tossed left and right. If you ever wanted details of just how hard Hova stunts on you, your wish has been granted.

The episode documents everything from his expensive rides (Pagani Zonda, Bugatti, Beyoncé's Father's Day private jet gift), his watch collection to his wardrobe, which includes custom Tom Ford three-piece suits that start at four racks, and rare kicks like the Jordan 1 Brooklyn Zoo's. Jay's trusted barber since '98 even gets a spotlight, where he reveals Jigga even sends cars and planes for him when he needs that fresh cut. Watch the full episode above.

[via RapRadar]

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