Damn these Kapital bandanas are pretty fucking crazy. Sometimes I'm not really sure what I'd do with a cool bandana. All I ever want to do is wear them like bandit masks with rare, all black outfits, but I'm not in a cool A$AP video with guns and fog and white girls wearing black beanies smoking blunts. No, I'm just in my apartment, coolin' out in a pair of mesh shorts, writing about bandanas. A dude can dream though, right? One day I'll be in a group shot in a rap video, waiving bandanas and mean mugging and passing blunts in a dope, abandoned warehouse space. Also, as another note re: my bonafides for appearing in a rap video, I would totally wear the Ainu bandana tied around my leg, right above my Timberland Field boots. GET AT ME, CENTRAL CASTING AND/OR WHOEVER VETS POTENTIAL NEW MEMBERS OF HIP-HOP ENTOURAGES.