Is it a tote bag? Is it a backpack? Fuck it; let's make both. Such must've been the thought process behind the tons of trial and error Tomboy Style and 40-year-old bag experts Kletterwerks went through before coming up with a useful carryall that brings the best of both worlds together. To end all arguments they’ve named it the tote-pack. Both types of luggage have distinct advantages, and anytime one method of carrying all your shit outweighs the other, switching it up is as easy as throwing your worldly necessities into the tote-pack in the first place.

These functional bags come in two colorways that include a midnight blue and a camo version. Both are available on the Tomboy Style Big Cartel shop. Peep the versatility and dopeness of this bag in the video below, and cop one for when the temps rise and you're hitting up the beach every other weekend.