Though it first hit the Internet four years ago, a video of a man's transformation from when he walked 2,796 miles across China has resurfaced and is going viral once again.

Christoph Rehage, who was 26-years-old at the time, took off from Beijing on Nov. 9, 2007. For 11 months, Rehage walked and snapped a photo of himself on each day of his journey. As time progresses, not only does Rehage's background change from urban landscapes to lush, green farmlands, but Rehage's appearance changes dramatically as well. He starts off beardless and clean cut, but by the time he ends up in his last stop in a city called Ürümqi, not far from the Gobi desert, Rehage is hardly recognizable. Watch Rehage's self-documented transformation in his short film The Longest Way.

[via PSFK]

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