Anonymity in street art used to be a form a protection, a way to keep the cops off your tail. Now, it seems more calculated because it often goes hand-in-hand with fame (thanks, Banksy). Judith Supine, a street artist known for his vibrant collages cut from magazines, has just shed his cloak of anonymity with a video from Animal New York

"I don't think it matters really. The shit I'm doing is like jaywalking," he says in the video. He goes onto describe how he creates his pieces, his time in a Thailand boxing camp, and his fear of drowning. 

But don't expect to find out the artist's real name (Judith Supine is actually his mother's name) because he isn't telling. "I don't care but my mother is Supine. And yes, a lot of people like to think I'm female because of the name," he told 12ozProphet in a previous interview. "I can tell from the tone of the emails that they may have sexual interests. I like it." 

Judith Supine will be showing his work at Meka Gallery on March 29 for an exhibition called "Golden Child."

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