Wow, what a relaxed shirt. Linen, zippered placket, shawl collar, this Our Legacy shirt basically screams, "Hey guys, I'm out of the office for the next three and a half weeks, using my sabbatical time to live on a macadamia nut farm in Hawaii." Do people even go on sabbaticals anymore or are those still relegated to just university professors? I wish I could be a professor. I would wear shirts like this and bucket hats and have a cool satchel to keep my lecture notes in and I'd use the Socratic method and just randomly call on my students and then act confused when they answered a question about the events foreshadowing the Hundred Years' War by starting, "They…" and interrupt them by saying, "Who is 'they'? SPECIFICITY IS IMPORTANT IN HISTORY." AKA they would fucking hate me. But then when a bunch of them turn in their papers super late, concocting overwrought excuses about corrupted computer files or whatever, I'd just send them an email that would say, in the subject line only: "No worries. We've all been there. Just get it in when you can." AND BOOM! I WIN THEM ALL OVER JUST LIKE THAT. Damn, someone let me hold tenure tho?