Chinos with gathered ankles like these Bodega Navajo detail pants are the new too short chinos. Remember when everyone was rolling their pant legs up, showing off their ankles and benchmade shoes? Well now everyone is just gathering their pant legs, showing off the ankle support their expensive sneakers afford them. Imagine how ill your coke white AF1s will look all strapped up with them navy joints. Fire flamez, my guy, fire flamez. I know everyone is just now discovering how much of an #influencer Eileen Fisher is, but the gathered ankles look is a maneuver my grandma fucks with. And my grandma is a G. She even co-signed my EG bush shirt. All my relatives at dimsum were like, "Are you wearing a dress over your pants, Jon?" But my g-ma came through with the ill, "Hey, it looks good. He goes to New York City for fashion." SOULJA BOY TELL 'EM, GRANDMA.