I don't know about you guys, but I generally don't wear headbands...unless I'm playing a game of pick-up. Then, I totally do because if I've learned anything during my time on this planet, it's that you can only play basketball if you are swagged the fuck out. Think, Shooting sleeves, black socks, rare sneakers, baggy shorts and, obviously, a dope headband. But also that last one because I am bald and I don't like sweat getting in my eyes. Just playin', I don't ever play pick-up games anymore because fast food and weed. Shoutout to my personal headband Hall of Fame member Nick Van Exel. He actually didn't always wear a headband, but do you guys remember how far back he stood when he shot free throws? CRAZY. Anyways, these emoji headbands are dope because you still don't have enough emoji-related gear. Personally, I'm gonna get that praying hands joint or the wave. That way, when some douche calls a fouI, can rip my headband off and stab him for calling his own foul. No one expects to get stabbed by the guy wearing an emoji headband.