Wow, for real, my whole S/S 14 is gonna be exclusively EG and Our Legacy. So, basically S/S '09 reincarnate. I legit have email threads with certified #influencers about how were so excited to see Our Legacy in person at Capsule. WE WERE EXCITED TO GO TO A TRADE SHOW AS BLOGGERS. Oh, how young and dumb we were. I'm a little older and a little less dumb than I was in '09, but, evidently, my tastes haven't changed that much. This Our Legacy pullover thing in linen probably fits even weirder than it looks, which is how you know it's a jawn and not just, like, a nice article of clothing. Clearly, the drawstrings are what make it special. NO, I'M NOT GOING TO EXPLAIN TO YOU WHY. (If you really care, you can search for when I wrote about the navy polyester version a while back.) What I will say here is the same thing I did on my Art History 101 final: "ART AND ITS PERCEPTION IS AN EPHEMERAL, PERSONAL JOURNEY. EXPRESSING THE SUBTLE NUANCES IN TECHNIQUE AND SKILL THAT SEPARATE WORKS OF ART IS CONTRARY TO THE SENSUOUS UNCONSCIOUSNESS." Yeah, my professor didn't buy it either, but I aced the take home section, so your boy floated into the end of the semester with an A-. You probably want to avoid writing your final answers in all caps.