You guys probably already know that North Korea is a crazy fucked place. I mean, we all watch those Vice documentaries, right? How else are are we gonna impress people at parties who pretend to know as much about the rest of the world as we do? Seriously, I don't know shit about geopolitics, but what I do know is that a state mandated haircut, whether it's true or not, is awesome. Supposedly, Kim Jong-un has mandated that his hairstyle be the new guideline for all the other dudes in the country. My only question for the Supreme Leader? WHAT ABOUT US BALD DUDES? ARE WE EXEMPT? OR DO WE GET TO WEAR SICK WEAVES AND WIGS? Regardless, somebody's gotta get my guy a new barber. Kim, your fade is fucked up, bruh. DON'T PUNISH THE WHOLE COUNTRY JUST BECAUSE YOUR BARBER IS SLIPPIN'. THAT SHIT AIN'T COOL. At the time of publishing, Lil Boosie has yet to release an official statement.