Sorry, Lady Gaga, this guy is a much bigger Botticelli fan than you.

While the pop queen may have posed nude on the cover of her album ARTPOP alongside Sandro Botticelli's The Birth of Venus, a Spanish artist has one-upped Gaga. On Saturday, the brazen man stripped down in Florence's Uffizi Gallery, right in front of Botticelli's painting. He mimicked the Venus' pose, sans-clothes and all (but unfortunately he doesn't have the goddess' long hair to cover him).

After shocking visitors with his act, the man then threw rose petals on the ground and kneeled in front of the painting, according to local reports.

Gallery officials tried to cover the man with a towel, and he was dragged away by the police shouting "freedom, freedom!" He has been charged for indecent exposure. But hey, maybe he can argue that it was just performance art.

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