Mobile design firm Ignatov Architects has taken the city of Varna, Bulgaria, one step closer to securing the nomination for European Capital of Culture in 2019. The studio’s architects created Mirror Culture, a massive installation constructed using custom-made fishing nets and 6,000 CD-ROMs. Located by Seaside Garden, a local attraction, the piece has become notorious, drawing tens of thousands of people from all over.

To create the work, the architects gathered all the outdated CDs from their office and called on volunteers to donate to the project. The artists envisioned the piece to be a glistening beacon that rippled in the wind, capturing the brilliance light has when it reflects off the water. The significance of using digital storage devices is twofold. First, they capture and reflect light in a unique and spectacular way, and second, they showcase the speed at which technology evolves and how such innovation impacts our culture.

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[via DesignMilk]