March Madness is in full swing for college basketball fans, but fans of the Internet need not fret, because there is a bracket-style competition happening on the interwebs as well. VIA has launched the "T.GIF 2014 GIF Tourney," a battle of the Internet artists that seeks to find the best animated GIF of all time (or at least of 2014).

There are 64 GIFs included in the tourney, which officially begins on March 20 and runs through April 7. GIF makers including Nicolas Sassoon, LermanatorFaith Holland, Kevin Clancy, Ole Fach, LilPocket Boy, Brianbrian Brianbrian, Kim Asendorf, and others will go head-to-head for a chance to win $100 in GIFPOP money. Check the bracket site on the start date to be a part of the action.

Ole FachLouis Vuitton Frog

Rick Silva, Antlers Wifi

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[via The Creator's Project]