Kunlé Adeyemi, a Nigerian architect and founder of studio NLÉ, is the creative genius behind this mobile building. The Makoko Floating School is meant to serve as a prototype for African towns that have a need for permanent infrastructure but are subject to unpredictable water levels. Makoko, for example, is nestled in a lagoon deep in the heart of Nigeria, and the former fishing village is in need of more English-speaking schoolhouses in its lower income districts, something this project provides.

The Makoko Floating School can house up to 100 adults, and while its primary purpose is educative, it can also function as an event center, a clinic, or a market. The structure was constructed using local wood and bamboo. The building’s three levels were positioned in a triangular formation to keep the structure’s center of gravity low, so that it will remain stable and balanced on windy days. Additionally, this “watercraft” has been designed to run on renewable energy and to harvest rainwater for summer reserves.

The Makoko Floating School will be on display at the Designs of the Year 2014 exhibition.

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[via Dezeen]