Any respectable whiskey drinker out there ought to get their hands on the Executive Balls of Steel, a pair of whiskey-chilling balls hand-crafted out of 18k gold. For $499, you can keep your drink cool and look like a total boss while sipping on your whiskey. The first of their kind, these whiskey chillers come in an ornate handmade Alder wood box. 

Not only is the concept behind these fancy whiskey chillers pretty clever, but they're for a good cause too. Though the price is hefty, 80 percent of the profits will actually go towards Balls of Steel's "10K for a Cure" campaign, which helps fund testicular cancer research. If you want to get yourself a set of these badass whiskey chillers, you'll have to act fast since only 25 have been made. Check out the video below for a closer look at the bad boys.

[via BallsofSteel]

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