Americans are weird, a survey by IKEA recently found. Well, at least some of their preferences and behaviors at home are. Last year, the Swedish furniture company conducted its "US Life at Home" survey for the first time in an attempt to better understand how American consumers live.

Overall, IKEA found that Americans aren't so caught up in status, wealth, or maintaining a home as lavish as Rick Ross' recently purchased 109-room mansion in Atlanta. Unlike the Bawse, ordinary Americans are much more fixated on the comfort of the home, which doesn't seem like such a shocking revelation. While the survey found some pretty normal things, like how 31 percent of Americans sleep with their pets every night, it also unearthed some rather particular preferences. 

For starters, "only 1 percent of Americans want their home to reflect how successful they have been," but then again everyone's definition of "success" varies, too. 43 percent say they have assigned seating in their living rooms, which may be something we haven't been consciously aware of. Inside the bedroom, one third of all IKEA consumers who don't have a king size bed are trying to get their hands on one so they can sleep like a king. Those who want them most are people from the age of 25-34.

Perhaps our favorite tidbit from the survey are the consumers' answers to what they store underneath their bed. One person said, "Things I want to hide from my kids." Naturally. Someone else said "I've been storing a treadmill under my bed for the past 15 years." Random.

[via FastCoDesign]

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