It's been a while since the world saw KAWS' beloved Companion, who was no where to be found at the Brooklyn-based artist's show in Madrid. Those looking to stunt like Swizz Beatz are in luck because Companion makes a return in KAWS' recently opened exhibition at CAC Málaga. In fact, "Final Days," KAWS' first solo museum exhibition outside of the United States, features five of the artist's familiar figures rendered in dark wood.

For those who don't know, many of KAWS' caricatures play off pre-existing characters, most notably Mickey Mouse, Pinocchio, and even Spongebob Squarepants. The artist makes these well-known characters his own, replacing their heads with skulls and eyes with large x's. The highlight of "Final Days" is a massive, 6-meter-tall, 11-ton "Kurf" sculpture, KAWS' version of a Smurf. It towers over the nearby Companion and Pinocchio giants on display, and it's the first time Kurf has been rendered in 3D form.

Click through to see some photos from the show which opened last Friday. "Final Days" is on view until June 22.

[via ArrestedMotion

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