The recently unmasked street artist Judith Supine may wish that his identity was still a secret soon as authorities in New York City investigate his latest installation on the Queensboro Bridge. A video surfaced this weekend of the artist climbing to the top of the bridge at night to leave behind his art, and now people are concerned by how easy it seemed. "These days you say who else could climb to the top of the Queensboro Bridge for a much more evil purpose? We have to be far more careful with our landmarks, with all of our entryways," said Senator Charles Schumer to CBS News.

Supine's stunt, paired with the recent One World Trade base jump and selfie incidents, has prompted the Port Authority to take "significant steps" in ensuring that the city's landmarks are safer. There is no official "manhunt" for Judith Supine right now, but we think he should probably chill with the installations for now, or at least stop recording them. The City of New York should give him a medal for exposing the holes in the system, but we all know that won't happen.

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[via Gothamist]