We can always depend on Jon Burgerman to make us laugh. Like his last tongue-in-cheek project which touched upon violence in movie posters, the Brooklyn-based artist's most recent Drawings of Girls on Tumblr illustrations are playful, simple, and make for some chuckles. As the name of the project suggests, Burgerman turns to the countless images of girls being posted infinitely on Tumblr as inspiration.

Instead of merely reblogging the images that flood his dashboard, however, he takes it one step further, reproducing the otherwise clichéd photos in drawing form. His colorful, fun drawings depict girls doing the kinds of activity that Tumblr seems to revere—girls posing stoically, girls holding a cup of Starbucks coffee, and even bad girl Rihanna sticking her tongue out.

“It's a mix and flattening of a variety of images of models, [girls in] adverts, celebrities, self-taken shots, etc that all borrow the same visual language from each other and hanker for the lingering gaze of the viewer," he told Cool Hunting. Click through to see some of our favorites. For those who can't make it to his show at London's Beach Gallery, go to the Tumblr page to see them all.

[via CoolHunting]