WOOOOO! FLORAL BUCKET HAT ON DECK FOR MY SUMMER VACATION STEEZ. Remember when summer vacation was a real, actual thing in your life? Now, summer vacation is the same as every other day except you're more sweaty than usual. But I'm tryna to go on a tropical vacation this year. Obviously, I want to go to Jamaica, but no one that would come with me is really equipped for my kind of Jamaican vacation. I'm still convinced that Jamaica is just like a giant scene from Rockers and there are steezy dudes riding motorcycles, wearing Clarks and bucket hats, just passing spliffs to cool looking tourists. If I do make it to Jamaica, I'm most definitely bringing this Neighborhood reversible bucket. On the flight out, I would wear the navy side and once we touched down, I'd flip that shit right to floral. Then, three days in, I'd probably flip it back to navy because my wardrobe already utilizes a lot of print and I'm not tryna look like my grandma's wallpaper when I'm smoking spliffs with rastas, sipping on ginger beer and whatnot. WHA GWAN!