If you're someone who likes dope shit and lives in a major metropolitan area, chances are you've waited in line for something. Sneakers, sample sale clothing, a new phone, finely scented candles, buzzworthy pastries, Obamacare, you name it, someone has probably waited on line for it. At this point, it's just as much a part of the game as someone afflicted with the diseases known as HTL (High Taste Levels) and/or Influenceza. But if you're someone who really doesn't want to deal with all the fuckery that comes with waiting on line, then you can hire Robert Samuel or any of  his colleagues, who operate under the name Same Old Line Dudes, or SOLD Inc., "NYC's only professional line sitting and line management solution for consumers and businesses."

As Racked discovered, Robert got started, like most great inventors, after getting fired from his corporate gig at AT&T. Someone offered to pay him $100 to cop them the new iPhone, and when that same person told him they were going to buy their phone online instead, he sold his spot in line for another $100. Nowadays, Robert has about 15 clients at any given time, each of which will hit him up to wait in line, wherever for whatever.

At this point, Samuel has the waiting game down to a science. He brings tents, fold out chairs, portable chargers and more to make his stay a bit more comfortable in these treacherous streets. And while his work isn't exactly labor or mentally intensive, homie can fetch upwards of $500 on any given day, assuming the line is long enough. He doesn't guarantee you will be first, but he guarantees prime real estate, which in this world is as valuable as the products people are lining up for themselves. Having just witnessed firsthand the pandemonium that can ensure for a hyped up sneaker, it's easy to see just how serious people in New York City take unconditionally copping shit they've never seen in person.

If you would like to enlist SOLD Inc.'s services, hit them up on Twitter here.