I guess people are still talking about Google Glass, which sucks because it's just the worst of all time, but today they announced a partnership with Luxottica, so there is a chance they're about to hit the mainstream and teleport straight into your local mall's DM's. That's right, the eyewear giant behind Oakley, LensCrafters, Ray-Ban, Persol and basically every licensed designer frame on the planet is poised to put Google Glass into the hands of millions. That means Persol's classic 0714 frame could, in the near future, be able to snap a pic of that gelato your snacking on or record all the times you get straight Mutumbo'd at the Standard Bier Garden this summer. Oakley—the makers of literally "over the top" frames—seems to be the brand who stands to eat until they puke off this shit. I mean, dudes who rock Oakleys love gimmicky tech shit as is. This guy is already hard.

Exquisite Photoshops via Esquire