Google Glass might have the most R&D behind any eyewear in recent memory, but it isn’t really the first choice when it comes to style. That might change as news comes that the billion-dollar search engine company has partnered up with Luxottica to design and distribute their shades. If you’re not familiar with the name, just know that the Italian company basically has the eyewear market on lock—it owns Ray-Ban and Oakley just to name a couple brands.

Luxottica CEO Andrea Guerra told The Wall Street Journal that Oakley and Ray-Ban designers have been working with Google designers to create new eyewear that uses Glass technology. "Google has opened up a new potential opportunity of use of glasses," said Guerra. Google and Luxottica started working together last year.

All signs indicate that this partnership will (hopefully) bring some well-needed style cred to Google’s cyborg-looking frames. With all the money in the world, we’re not sure why Google didn’t partner with the largest eyewear company in the world in the first place. Now we just have to wait and see if the tech comapny can finally convince people to wear computers on their faces.

[via WSJ]