Did you hear? Anna The Gawd Wintour just sat second row at Valentino. SECOND FUCKING ROW, YOU GUYS. In the grand scheme of things, who sits where at a runway show is pretty meaningless, but the hilarious thing about Fashion is that where you sit matters more than anything else ever in the history of the world. The rows at a fashion show clearly delineate who is important and who should just go kill themselves and call it a day. Granted, this story needs an important caveat. Ms. Wintour voluntarily gave up her seat and moved to the second row because the front row "became too crowded" according to The Wall Street Journal's Christina Binkley. You're fucking tripping if you though someone actually tried to assign Fashion's Imperial Leader a decidedly non-Illuminati seating assignment. No one has ever done that and lived to Instagram it, if you catch my drift. Anna simply did the normal human thing and just moved to the nearest, most convenient seat instead of remaining stuffed into the front row like an uncomfortable, decidedly not chic sardine. While you can obviously tell what everyone around her is thinking, we wanted to know what exactly was going through Anna's mind at the time.