The winds of trendz blow quickly. One minute you're all hyped off dressing head to toe in Japanese collabo camouflage, the next you're trying to look like a Pyrex'd out Edward Scissorhands with fronts. Everyone changes their style up a bit—it's not illegal. In fact, it's actually quite normal. But with today's one stop shop consumer culture some of you are out here trying to re-invent yourself every season and swearing off your old vibe like you all of sudden turned into Jason Bourne and got trend participation amnesia.

I know you think you'll be buried in that HBA tuxedo, but, let's be real, that shit will just as quickly be replaced once you start getting heavy into some Internet acid cowboy vibe that you got gassed on because of some documentary trailer you just saw on Tumblr. So, imma break down 10 archetypes that dudes be going "full retard" on and then sprinkle a little reality salt into that wound in a effort to help demonstrate why swearing off your "old" style for you "new" style is quite the precarious path to walk.

Skip Class is a writer living in Seattle. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.