Though Armory Week 2014 has come to a close, art fair season has only just begun. Come May 9, Frieze New York will present a chock-full of works from 192 galleries across the globe. Additionally, this year's Frieze New York will again include a unique "Frieze Sounds" program, continuing a two-year-old tradition of the Randall Island art fair. It will feature three specially commissioned audio works by Keren Cytter, Cally Spooner, and Hannah Weinberger. The works will be premiered in VIP BMW cars, but they'll also play inside the fair's listening station and be streamed online, too.

Though all three featured works were created to engage viewers in a multi-sensory experience, each is unique from one another. Cytter's hypnosis-inducing composition allows viewers a moment of meditation among the fair's cacophonous crowd. Spooner's audio work consists of a recitation of stage directions being interrupted by an improv jazz band. Lastly, Weinberger's arrangement is based off the heartbeat of her own baby.

Frieze New York takes place from May 9 to 12. Head over to Frieze Sounds 2014's page if you want to find out more about this year's artists.

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