Twitter is fucking amazing. Sometimes you guys float really interesting articles and op-eds into my timeline and I actually learn things and stay on top of current events, but mostly monstrosities like Outerspace pop up, keeping me gainfully employed. THANKS, PETE ANDERSON! Really though, thanks because it's one less thing I had to find for myself to make fun of. What is Outerspace? Only an "extreme sports player in the field of designing...[creating] fun designs that are interactive...making our products more than what they are with endless creativities." Well guys, you and your "endless creativities" (BTW WUT LOL?!) have easily deemed Outerspace the brand most deserving of my vote for the Shurt Feelings Hall of Terrible. I get it, you are flipping classic streetwear/fashion logos and making a "statement." Put another way, you're moderately infringing on several copyrights, while simultaneously insulting everyone who lives on this planet. I mean, wearing a hoodie that says: "Hey girl, suck my dick," is probably the dumbest and most try-hard maneuver I've seen in a long time, but if you choose to plunk down 63 dollars and 19 cents on this sweatshirt then do you, fam. I'm just gonna cool out over here and let the women in your life stomp the basic right out of you.