The latest celebrity couple upset is that of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin of Coldplay who recently announced that they will "consciously uncouple and coparent," which in normal people terms means that they are getting a divorce after ten years and two children. The Internet is still a little upset, but it seems like Paltrow and Martin are cool and it was a mutual decision. They are so chill about it, in fact, that Daily Mail is reporting that Martin gave Paltrow a piece of art to "mark new stage in their lives."

The piece is believed to be a painting of a bird in flight by Mila Fürstová, the artist responsible for Coldplay's Ghost Stories album art which features bird wings with a similar design. We've heard of couples fighting over possessions, but this may be the first time art has been exchanged in honor of a separation. If we gave an ex a painting, it definitely wouldn't be a pretty bird.

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