WOW, Nick was right when he said our moms literally birthed this rare hemline shit. Check out this Chico's commercial. I CAN’T BELIEVE I'M SAYING THIS, BUT I KINDA WANT TO HIT UP THE MALL AND CHECK OUT WHAT CHICO'S HAS GOT TO OFFER. I've heard some rumors of #influencers actually buying women's long shirts/dresses in order to get some rare hemlines in their lives, and why the fuck not? SHEEEEEEIT, I’'m trying to cop some "playful hemlines" too. And, apparently, your local mall is the fucking crack spot for long shirts. Next time your mom wants to take you shopping maybe you should take her up on the offer. Instead of hitting up T.J.Maxx to find you some Polo on sale, have her guide you through Chico's. I promise the only awkward part will be when you have to figure out what size you are. 0-12? WHAT IS THIS, THOM BROWNE OR SOME SHIT? GOD, I HOPE I'M A ZERO. Also, make sure you take your mom to the food court and cop her some Panda Express as a thank you for helping you pick out a dope ass new shirt. Because, really, no matter how rare your mom's hemlines are, all she wants to do is have a nice meal with her son.