Berlin artist Carsten Nicolai plans to turn Hong Kong's International Commerce Centre into a pulsing beam of light this spring. For his new interactive installation during Art Basel Hong Kong 2014, Nicolai has designed a light display that will play glowing patterns across the facade of the ICC.

The piece, α (alpha) pulse, is inspired by neural feedback. According to the press release, "The work presents an experiential set-up that explores the effects that the light impulses might have on the mood, relaxation, attention, and creativity of viewers."

Viewers can interact with the Nicolai's installation through an iPhone app, which includes an audio component. In this way, α (alpha) pulse transmits both light pulses and sound to the viewer's brain, becoming a total audio-visual experience that makes the fabric of the city come alive.

The α (alpha) pulse light display will appear from 8:30 p.m.–9:20 p.m. from May 15-17 in Hong Kong.

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